June 4 2014
Intimate concert with Unni, playing her guitars and a grand piano in unique, private surroundings...

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April 9 2014
Shot on location in Paeska, Alta, Finnmark, Norway August 25th 2012 at 04.53 o' clock in the morning. The song is on the 'You Begin Where Everything Ends EP' (out 04.04.2014) iTunes: http://goo.gl/nrcp8a 

Produced by Rein Film. 
(more credits in the end of the film) 


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January 15 2014

We're doing it again - repeating the fun concert success from last summer!


Info & tickets:


Solveig Heilo (Katzenjammer) and I have decided to join forces and finally play together. As you may know, I've joined Katzenjammer earlier on tour in Europe as support (warm up). Those months on the road in 2011 gave me life long friends and great collegues, and the girls have inspired me ever since. Especially Solveig, which - apart from being extremely funny and humorous, is a brilliant songwriter and the best multi instrumentalist I've ever met. We've now planned a special collection of songs to play live, and the next concert is at Musikkflekken, Sandvika, Norway, 21.02.14. Once again, we've persuaded Hanne Mari Karlsen to join us. Hanne made her debut on stage with me last year (at John Dee, Oslo), after surprising people during nachpiles for years. She played and sang for almost 200 people, and didn't sleep much the night before. During the past weeks, we've been hanging around my house, making dinners, watching internet trash TV, and we've rehersed this new concert concept, involving guitars, percussion, xylopone, accordion, ukulele, bass, banjo, piano, G#-guitars and of course harmony vocals. Between the three of us, we're playing all those instruments, and Hanne has really put her mind to this (even if she's holding up a straight job every day) - Solveig gives her homework, and Hanne does them and shows up prepared like a pro', playing multiple instruments she never touched before! She's an engineer, and has much more discipline and most musicians I know (certainly more than me!) This concert is going to be something special. We're the best of friends, and really enjoy doing this together.


"Unni Wilhelmsen fra Oslo har gitt ut åtte skiver med egne låter, spilt 1500 konserter i inn- og utland og vunnet to Spellemannpriser. Solveig Heilo fra Bærum er en av Katzenjammerjentene, og de selger ut 7000 billetter i Tyskland på et blunk en helt vanlig tirsdag. Hanne Mari Karlsen er en ingeniør utenom det vanlige fra Nøtterøy. De er tre bestevenninner med spesielle talenter i alle retninger, og nå har de slått seg sammen på scenen for å spille nydelig musikk for folk. Til sammen trakterer de et tosifret antall instrumenter, og stemmene deres passer like godt sammen som humoren og det estetiske. Dette er visuelle damer med trøkk - som leverer unike, håndplukkede og framfor alt håndskrevne låter. Unni sørger for velkjente sanger fra en rikholdig karriere, på gitar, piano, på norsk og på engelsk. Solveig leverer helt nye låter for anledningen, og de har også noen fete coverhitlåter på repertoaret. Da jentene debuterte på Gamle Ormelet på Tjøme sommeren 2013, var det utsolgt og applausen ville ingen ende ta. Liker du Simon & Garfunkel? First Aid Kit? Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt? Nick Drake eller Bon Iver? Da bør du sjekke ut Solveig, Hanne og Unni på Musikkflekken i Sandvika fredag 21. februar 2014. Enn så lenge er de en godt bevart hemlighet, men ryktene sier at om ikke lenge må du kanskje stå i kø og ha med noe å stå på for å se jentenes blide fjes og travle fingre. Vel møtt til en stemningsfull og vakker konsert!"

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January 14 2014

TV NORGE has a 'reality' show going. This week, Alex Rosén, Kristin Grue, Vidar Busk and I invite each other home for dinner. We cook, make jokes, drink, entertain, compete and have lots of laughs. I was lucky, ending up with this crazy bunch. We certainly have a thing or two in common...



Monday 13th 19:30: Alex is hosting in Åsgårdstrand with a nude model for us to paint...
Tuesday 14th 19:30: Vidar takes us to his 'farm' and his rockabilly band awaits us...
Wednesday 15th 19:30: Kristin surprizes us in her attic and has more than one cultural dish on her menue...
Thursday  16th 19:30: I serve cheese doodles and rose cider for starters and challenge the others for a little game of garage door tennis, and they show up in 'old school' tennis apparel...



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January 13 2014

I've been asked to join the Norwegian band 'Di Derre', on a permanent basis. I said yes...



The plan is to do a Norwegian festival tour all summer 2014. But we did a few gigs before Christmas, and have possibly started a Christmas tradition playing Sentrum Scene (Oslo) in December. We played Des 21st and are already booked for Des 19th 2014.

This picture is taken during our concert event tom Youngstorget, Oslo, the night before the Football Cup finals, with supporters from Molde attending. Most band members are from Molde, so this was a caothic event, even before Molde won the match.

I plan to stay in my kitchen as much as possible this spring, playing electric guitars. Lord knows I need the practice - I haven't played a guitar solo in my life!

To be continued...

Photo: Stephen Butkus


Photo: Johannes Andersen

Photo: Gitte Johannessen / NTB Tema



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July 6 2013

Sooooo....I'm having a sales exhibition this summer, at GALLERI FLOOD, Sandefjord, Norway.

I've been asked to come with my illustrations and drawings and hang them on walls in a gallery, up for sale. Iv'e been looking through old stuff in the attic, and ended up with over 30 framed pictures, many of them originals and made by hand. I did most of these drawings during the nineties, the oldest from 1988, and the newest from 2011. Here's a few...





                                                     Here's Galleri Flood: http://www.majaflood.com/

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June 27 2013

Faximile from Sandefjords Blad:  http://www.sb.no/kultur/nye-tak-ter-fra-wil-helm-sen-1.7960753


                    The gallery was packed at the opening, and to my surprize, we sold 11 of the 30 pictures in 1 hour...   Read more and share...
May 15 2013
     Front cover Unni live in Bodo                        Packshot Bodo album

Back in 2008, I did one single concert in Bodø Kulturhus, accompanied by Bodø Rhythm Group and Bodø Sinfonietta. We planned for six months, and some of my songs were rearranged for this ensemble and this special occasion. In addition, I chose some cover songs I wanted to sing, and a few of them are jazz classics. We also did a version of Joni Mitchell's 'Both Sides Now', based on her famous recording with Vince Mendoza's soulful arrangements. It turned out our sound engineer recorded the concert in a simple manner, only to keep in the archives. None of us thought of doing anything with this material until I let a handful of people hear it just for fun. I've never sung jazz on tape before - I have  to admit, my relationship with jazz is a shady one...

These people all told me I should release this concert. And so I started considering the idea. Here's the cover...

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June 27 2012

You have to check this song out! It's amazing...


Frans Haraldsen is a Swedish singer-/songwriter with a dad from Norway. He has lyrics I envy him, and great melodies. He's written the perfect summer hit: 'Ett ända hjärta' (from the new album 'Innan vi dör - Hey, Hey, Hey'), and he's asked me to join as his duet partner.


I've recorded my parts in my kitchen, and together (without ever having met), we've created this little music video with our iphones. Both have filmed sequences from our homes and home towns, and Frans has edited it into this:

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June 26 2012

Steinar Raknes is an awsome double bass player with a new solo album out called 'Stillhouse'.

He mixes his own songs with traditional covers from Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris and more, and I've participated on the song 'Twilight' on the album. Based on that (we met coincidentially at the tribute concert celebrating Bob Dylan's 70th birthday in Harstad last year), the two of us are now doing festivals around the country in July. We started in harstad (where we first met) June 24th, and move on to Hamar, Vinstra, Midtsund, Molde and more.

We're planning a tour this fall, so check out the concert pages for info, and check out Steinars album 'Stillhouse' on Itunes!

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December 18 2011


I have been privileged to be a part of a fantastic ensemble at Oslo Nye Teater for the past six months. We've been playing and performing the songs of Lillebjørn Nilsen, a highly treasured and acclaimed singer-/songwriter who has touched generations with his songs.

We've played 70 shows for almost 40.000 people in Oslo, and this is indeed one of the most adventurous projects I've ever been involved in.

See and hear one of the songs from the show performed here:

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September 15 2011

November 4th I will join the Fabolishous band Katzenjammer once again around Europe. I've just released my album '7' in Germany, and can't wait to get back there to play.

Katzenjammer will release their second album this fall, and things are taken a step further. I will play support for these extremely talented chicks, and this time I'm bringing some musicians of my own to big venues in Germany. We will also visit Switzerland, Holland, Luxemburg, Belgium and more...

Check out the updated concert list!

Photo: Johannes Andersen (Katzenjammer and Unni - Groningen, April 2011)

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August 25 2011
A 900 kg heavy car bomb hit the base of our Government in my hometown Oslo. 7 people dead in the explosion so far. The killer - a blond, Norwegian conservative Christian with conspiracy beliefs - drove directly from the bomb scene to the small island Utøya in a police uniform, and systematically massacred kids joining a traditional, political summer camp. He gathered the kids and said he was there to inform them about the bombing in Oslo.  He shot them dead horror movie style...

As far as we know, between 70 and 100 people are slaughtered in these two blows. About the same amount is injured, some fighting for their lives. A handful is still missing.

The killer is arrested and has confessed. An act of horror that in a few hours involved and touched so many lives. He thinks he will be able to take advantage of the media's and the world's attention as a propaganda platform where he can display his views.

I have read his blog posts. I have been informed of his manifesto. I think I understand what he wants. But he chose to take his anger out on committed, compassionate kids with peaceful intentions. And he blew up and sabotaged our leaders' headquarters - in one of the worlds most democratic and serene countries. And now he wants us to understand - to see it his way - to continue his project. Well, guess what:

For the first time in my grown up life, I will join the protest parade through the streets of Oslo, Monday night at 18:00. It starts at Rådhusplassen and ends in Youngstorget and we'll be carrying roses.

My condolences to everyone inflicted. My support to the Norwegian system and our competent, humane leaders.

See you in the parade.


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June 24 2011

My seventh album called '7' is released in Germany today. Edel is the name of the record company, and this is my first release in Germany since my debut album 'To Whom it May Concern' (Polygram) back in 1998.

During my recent tour with Katzenjammer this spring, '7' was  available to the audience in a limited number, but now it's buyable in the shops or through the net, on Itunes and CDON.com.

The German version contains an extra bonus track: The radio remix version of 'Revolving Door', remixed by the Mungolian Jetset DJ's (Norway). This CD also contains my cover version of 'Both Sides Now', much like I performed it during the European Tour.

Can't find the CD in your local shop? Go here: cdon.com

This album cover and art work I created myself, at home using my Mac. We've made a special presentation for you. See the digital lllustrations for each song, check out the peculiar self portrait photos, se who plays the instruments and read the credit notes.



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June 12 2011

In a few days, June 16th I'll go on stage at Grefsenkollen Festival, overlooking my entire home town. This fabulous location has been a well kept secret to me until now, and I wish the weather will be friendly. We play around 19:15, and after us, Bo Kaspers orkester will soundtrack the sundown.  We look forward to play for 2000 people with sun lit faces!

Intimate summer concert in Rockefeller once again! July 8th I'll come back to my favorite music hall, but this time almost alone. I'll play new and old songs, in English and Norwegian, on guitars and piano. 

Get the stories behind the songs from someone who was there.

NB: Now Grefsenkollen is sold out. Good for us, perhaps bad for you? Come to Rockefeller in stead, or check out the newly updated concert list!

Welcome to a concert near you, as they say :) 

I wish you the best summer ever! 


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May 23 2011

Bob Dylan turns 70 May 24th.

Together with some colleges, I fly to Harstad to join in on the celebration, playing and singing two Dylan songs as duets, with Terje Borg. We're playing 'Don't think twice' and 'Tomorrow is a long time'.

Got to run - have a plane to catch. Happy Birthday Bob!

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April 3 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have been invited to join Energetic, Multi-Instrumentalistic, Firecrackery, Charm-Invationalized, Hairblowing, Norwegian band KATZENJAMMER (ta-taaaa!) on their astonishing upcoming European Tour 2011 ..... starting.... NOW!

Wednesday April 6th, I tip-toe on stage in Vega, Copenhagen, as their support act. I play solo, and compared to the tempo and exploding arrangements we're all to expect from this Fearless Musical Circus, I only hope the audience have what it takes.

I might have to show off my tattoo's or completely shut up between the songs, pretending I'm not a former redhead or a current blonde, but really a dark and mysterious Melancholic with a secret past. I guess I'll have to play it by ear.

I'll bring two guitars and a handful of songs from my recent album '7', and see how it goes. I'm thrilled the girls invited me to join them, and I'll lean back (or jump frantically next to the sound engineer drinking beer from plastic cups) while they play, probably wondering if it isn't about time old Wilhelmsen started to play some more instruments (Katzenjammer does!). Ok, I played a washboard and melodica recently on Sissel Kyrkjebø's Scandinavian Tour, and I HAVE started playing the piano, as I'll demonstrate during the next 5 1/2 weeks, in nine countries, during 26 concerts. Check out the impressive tour plan (concert pages)!

When we get back, summer will have passed Norwegian customs, and I will have new friends!


Check out this band of Visual Refinement with A License to Play!

Katzenjammerphoto: Mathias Fossum, ripped from katzenjammer.no


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March 15 2011

I received this mail yesterday: "We are pleased to inform you that the song "Orange", entered into the Lyrics Only category, has been selected as a semi-finalist in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition (ISC). Congratulations on this achievement!"  

Nice. The lyrics of Orange explain sort of how it's possible to be jealous of oranges. Go figure. But it is possible, if you see it in a humorous way, and I often do.

Wan't to read the lyrics? Press the link below, and you get the virtual album cover for '7'. Be patient while it's loading. Move your mouse over the bottom corners of the cover booklet to turn the pages. Orange is the 6th lyric. (Must mention I just had a problem viewing the cover in Safari, but not in Firefox or Chrome)...

Virtual Album Cover '7'

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