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1 Revolving Door

2 Space Opera

3 Delirium Park

4 Pedestrian Slow

5 Rain from Blue Skies

6 Orange

7 Secret

8 Lucky

9 Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell)

10 Forslag Til Drøm


Release: June 7th 2010 p+c St. Cecilia Music. 

Produced by Erik Honorť and Jan Bang

Unni's seventh and latest album, simply called '7', was released in Norway June 2010 by her own record label, St. Cecilia Music. '7' contains contributions from musicians such as Arve Henriksen (trumpet), Lars Danielsson (bass), David Wallumrød (organ) and Eivind Aarset (samples). The opening track 'Revolving Door', is a collaboration with Chris Barron from the Spin Doctors.

'7' will be released in Germany (GAS) by Edel, June 24th 2011. The album has eight original tracks in English and one with Norwegian lyrics, plus a cover version of Joni Mitchell's classic 'Both sides Now', which Unni has performed live for years. On the German release, there is a bonus track at the very end - a Mungolian JetSet Radio Remix of the opening song 'Revolving Door'.




1 Prikkedøden
2 Natta Sola
3 Goliat
4 Prinsessesangen
5 Sang om noe som har hendt
6 Silke
7 Rødt hjerte
8 Lyser gult
9 Til meg
10 Fingerbøl

First album with Norwegian lyrics.
Written by Unni Wilhelmsen and Terje Borg. Produced by Unni, Ole Jørn Myklebust, Fredrik Ellingsen.

Guest musicians and contributers:
Ulf Nygaard (Folk & Røvere), Jarle Bernhoft (Span), Trygve Seim, Svein Schultz, Arild Nyborg (Stomp), and more.
Mixed by Ulf Holand (LydLab)
Mastered by Bjørn Engelmann (Cutting Room)
Cover photo: Pål Rødahl.

RELEASE: OCTOBER 30. 2006, St. Cecilia Music


Hurricane's Eye

1 Hurricane's Eye
2 Don't Ask Me Why
3 Sober
4 3 Choices
5 Hope's Tune
6 Striking
7 Humbly For Her
8 Peruvian Silver
9 Everyone's Honesty
10 Autumn Dawning

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(St. Cecilia Music 2003)
The first release on my own label, St. Cecilia Music. I started the label after my record deal with Universal was fulfilled. I chose not to sign a new contract with any company, and begun researching. What would it take to release this album myself in the same professional manner as the big guys on my previous releases? Reliable, qualified help was a must, regarding my well established career at this point. As producer and musical playmate I chose Kjetil Saunes. I've been a fan of his solo albums and magnificent voice for years. Kjetil and Reidar Skår did the mix. The recordings were made in Kjetil's home, HøytogLavt Studio, in Bislett and Majorstua, Oslo, 02/03. Additional musicians: Sigmund Groven (harmonica), Eivind Aarset (guitar), Espen Jørgensen (guitar), Anders Engen (drums & perc.), Paulin Skoglund Voss (cello). This album is a fling with harmonies and personal lyrics.



1 Homewrecker
2 Lay Myself Down
3 Sea Of Faces
4 Truth Be Told
5 Up Destiny's Sleeve
6 5th Floor (From The Street)
7 Little Mouse Me
8 Heavenly Bodies
9 Niagara

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(CD) (Universal 2001)
The Fourth album. Put together by me and my friends on an island (Øya Studio, Langesøy) in a river (Drammenselva). The album is produced by my long time guitarist Espen Jørgensen. Playing badminton and making breakfast together produced valuable contributions from Jørn Ellingsen (Locomotiv), Anders Engen, Ron Olsen (Midnight Choir), William Hut and Poor Rich Ones. Recordings by Johnny Skalleberg, mix by Espen and Knut Bøhn. Ronnie LeTekrø (TNT) invited us to his place, StudioStudio, where we recorded Niagara which he produced. Singing after midnight, with Roffen by my side on guitar solo (through a glass wall, of course :), tape running... What do you think? I got it on video! Poor Rich Ones between raspberry bushes and night golf with head lights. I loved making this album. The process of learning how to make a record from scratch, made me feel disconnected but powerful. This record surprises me when I hear it, though it may not be the most immediate of them.


Back in the Blonde

1 St. Cecilia
2 Blaming You
3 Obituary
4 Lisa's Morning
5 Current Position
6 Fortune Friday
7 For The Lonely Ones
8 Little Indian
9 Long Black Dress
10 Driving Through Fall
11 Lip

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(CD) Universal (2000)
Memories from the time I worked nights in down town Oslo. A step back to pick up something and have a look at it before I close some doors.
Malcolm Burn is producing and mixing. To watch him do it, is impossible to forget. We recorded in his house, Clouet St. Studio in New Orleans, fall 1999. We had wine with Emmylou Harris and hang outs at legendary Kingsway Studios (Daniel Lanois). Bob Egan (Wilco, Madrugada) popped by for a little pedal steel while the tape was running. Carlo Nuccio plays drums on this album and on Tori Amos' Under The Pink! Head technician Jim Watts and I listened to Ani DiFranco. Great food! Great candle lights! The recordings deserve listening under good conditions (volume up, ipod and a bus seat :). Back in the Blonde is a detailed, atmospheric head set record from a dream come true in New Orleans. It can handle a car stereo at night.


Definitely Me

1 Feel It
2 Grey Encounter
3 Story Of Last Night
4 Anything 'Bout June
5 Maybe (I've Been Thinking)
6 The Thread
7 Growing Process
8 Perfectly Allright
9 Message
10 Journey
11 Sorry
12 Wanna-Be-Song

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(CD) (PolyGram 1997)
'The Difficult Second Album'. But not for me. Having released one previous album I knew I enjoyed what I was doing. And I had experienced there was a place for me as a musician and that made me safe. Bugge Wesseltoft is producing and playing my songs once more. Alar Suurna (Roxette) recorded in Oslo Lydstudio and fixed the mix in famous EMI Studios, Stockholm. I was there experiencing Stockholm New Chamber Orchestra playing the strings on 'June', while Bugge stood in front of them directing. The sound filled the gym hall sized chamber. I witnessed it all from a small shelf under the ceiling. Magical moment big time. Additional musicians: Johan Norberg, Espen Jørgensen and Fredrik Sager on guitars. Kyrre Sætran and Marius Rekdal on bass, Tore Wildhauer on drums. Definitely Me received a Golden Record of Sales in Norway in 1997. General, personal conclusion: Yep, this is me. I wanna do more.


To Whom It May Concern

1 Now is Now

2 Can't Stop

3 These Walls

4 Won't Go Near You Again

5 Things On Their Way Out

6 My Voluntary Saviours

7 This Means You To Me Now

8 Same Shit New Wrapping

9 Lack Of Logic

10 Dreams

11 Playing Dead

12 Little Lie

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(CD) (PolyGram 1997)
I never dreamt of releasing a record. My relationship with music was a private one. I wrote stuff, but I never played in a band. I didn't make demos for record companies or attend talent competitions. In fact I started playing the guitar a year and a half before these recordings were made. The lyrics are reflections, experiences, people and memories that I needed to take a closer look at or just didn't want to forget. So I tried to put them in a beautiful private place. Like in a musical diary. I chose Bugge Wesseltoft to be my producer. Together with my hand picked band, we made an album I'm still proud of. We recorded in the basement of Bugges home and in a micro studio (in a chocolate factory in Oslo) called Bugges Room, which couldn't fit both me and a drum kit at the same time. I had to wait in the hall during drum sessions. The Vertavo String Quartet and my old friend and fellow dish washer from Rikshospitalet's main kitchen, Thor Arne Sæterholen, are guest starring. The songs came out varied, the production energetic, - the band opens it up. I couldn't have hoped for a better debut. My very first single, Won't Go Near You Again, was the song that made Ole (I'dole) Evenrud offer me a record contract. I played the song to him in his office. He made the offer on the spot. I had low expectations and a curious mind sneaking into this business as the album title indicates. But the audience embraced both the single and the album. Paal Flaata (Midnight Choir) sings gorgeously on the second single, This Means You To Me Now, which still stands. After signing the deal we went recording the album, and the next thing I knew I was performing live on National TV. I had scarcely played live before. All at once I was on top of things and the real learning process had begun. To Whom It May Concern achieved two Norwegian Grammy Awards: Female Artist of the Year and Album of the Year 1996 and achieved the Golden Record of Sales.


FOLK & RōVERE (Feat. Unni Wilhelmsen) 2005

(Things we will do before we die)

I have composed the melody and sing on the track 'Sommer På Cuba'.

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Varano (Denmark) has released his new club album STEP UP (Murena records / Playground Music). The first single Dead End Street, is written by Varano and me, and is now on radio rotation. Denmark’s leading music magazine Gaffa says Morten Varano is one of the Kingdom’s hottest club producers, and claims the album is of very high, international standard. Varano makes electronic and organic blends of music and remixes, and uses different contributing vocalists on his tracks. Moby’s regular singer Charlemagne appears on the album. Gaffa mentions our song Dead End Street in its review.

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Varano feat. Unni at Payload


2005: International CD Release: WOMEN CARE

Today the world music CD Women Care was released. I contribute on the CD together with Anneli Drecker (Bel Canto, Norway), Simone (D’Sound, Norway), Lynni Treekrem (Norway), Talike (Madagascar), Tigist Bekele (Ethiopia), Shiwoniso Maraire (Zimbabwe) and Marie Daulne (Zap Mama, Congo/ Belgium). I do a version of Fast Car (Tracy Chapman) on this CD, and Zap Mama and me made some new material during our stay in the studio in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania in January. The producer is Sigbjørn Nedland. The money from the sales goes to CARE’s work in Africa to help women to help themselves. Care needs all the support they can get in their important work.

Listen to tracks & buy CD:


Fellow music lovers!

In Norway, with just four and a half million people, musicians like me still try to make a living from record sales. Now we discover that one of the main reasons people donít buy records like they used to, is that they download them from the net or copy from a friend. That would be great, if it hadn't deprived us a deserved and necessary income. Of course, I can be faced with the fact that my records arenít easily available abroad, and the more music people get to hear, the more they buy. But thatís why we arrange it so you can listen to and purchase our music through legal net shops and web pages.

To music lovers, I wish to say that the only way musicians like me can continue to ‘go public’ with the things we write and compose, will be through you buying our music and attending our concerts. I’ll never stop writing music. But I might give up the hassle of getting it released, if I feel my work isn’t worth your money or your time. To musicians, music is their life and work. Think about it the next time you download from the net without paying. We might not be able to keep it up.

Thanks for listening.